Game Development

We specialize in mobile games and apps for the iOS, Android and Windows8 market. The apps we offer cover all age groups and fields of application. We aim to adhere to the highest standards and fair conduct. First and foremost our goal is to entertain you.

Custom Business Apps

For custom business or mobile marketing apps, we offer you an all round package from concept design to post-launch marketing.

Art & Design

From design consultation to complete art and animation assets, contact us if you need assistance in bringing your ideas to market.

Corporate Identity

Establishing your unique corporate identity is a very important step in starting your business. As it is such a subjective matter, it is best to call in outside advice to prevent you from going too far or not far enough. With extensive experience in brand creation and identity print, we cover all aspects of your business.

Online & Social Marketing

We can tutor or support you in all aspects of online marketing and its vital social component. We help you establish the basis and implement workflows for ongoing profitable online campaignes.

Music & Sound

From sound effects to ambient sounds, loops to full musical scores - we create the audible aspect to complete your game.