Cell Mates Prologue

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Sooo near and yet so far...

...finding the right mate is never easy, even in the micro world...

Release your inner microbiologist and romantic matchmaker in this physics based relationship puzzler on the very small scale.

"Cell Mates Prologue" is an introduction to the concept of the upcoming cartoon puzzle game "Cell Mates", but most importantly, it is part of a research project of an innovative difficulty balancing method that will be embodied in the "Cell Mates" full game.

You will have the option to intervene at certain levels, change design and experiment with the difficulty. At the end of this prologue experience, you will find out where you stand among fellow gamers' preferences, in terms of difficulty.

It is free and will stay free, no adds, no in-app purchases. It consists of 16 clearly distinct levels but their difficulty variations make over a 100 different level designs. These variations are designed so that you can gradually push your gaming limits and find out which one makes your experience most enjoyable.

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